Finnegan Fieldhouse Expansion

Investing in Catholic Athletes


Make your name or that of a loved one a permanent feature of Finnegan Fieldhouse, the home of Baron Athletics and the hub of campus wellness and athletic activity. Within these walls, thousands of students of all athletic levels—intercollegiate, intramural, or simply basic fitness—learn the virtues gained through teamwork, effort, healthy competition, dedication, and perseverance.

Naming Opportunities Available

View the floor plan with opportunities labeled

Ground Floor

  • Men's Locker Room
    $25,000 (Committed)
  • Women's Locker Room
    $25,000 (Committed)
  • Fieldhouse Conf. Room
    $10,000 (Committed)
  • NCAA Officials' Locker Rooms
    $7,500 (Committed)
  • Coaches' Locker Room $7,500
  • 28 Men's Individual Lockers
    $1,000 each (6 Lockers Committed)
  • 28 Women's Lockers
    $1,000 each (3 Locker Committed)

First Floor

  • Fitness Center
    $250,000 (Committed) 
  • South Fieldhouse Entrance 
    $100,000 (Committed)
  • Athletic Training Area
    $50,000 (Committed)
  • West Fieldhouse Entrance
    $50,000 (Committed)
  • North Fieldhouse Entrance
  • 2 Racquetball Courts
    $10,000 each
  • Fitness Center Lounge
    $30,000 (Committed)
  • NCAA Conference Room
    $15,000 (Committed)
  • Equipment Distribution Room
    $10,000 (Committed)
  • Student LEAD Center
    $7,500 (Committed)
  • 2 Suana Rooms
    $5,000 each (1 Committed)
  • Cardio Machines
    $2,500 each (2 Committed)

Second Floor

  • Aerobic Workout Room           $100,000
  • Flex/Performance Room       $100,000
  • NCAA Film Room                   $100,000
  • Director of Athletics Office
    $25,000 (Committed)
  • Athletics Offices' Lobby
    $25,000 (Committed)
  • Media & Stats. Work Space    $15,000
  • Coach & Admin. Offices
    $10,000 each (2 of 7 Committed)

Will you invest in the next generation of Catholic Athletes?

If Interested In a Naming Opportunity

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Construction Photo Gallery

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Labeled Floor Plan

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Click on the image to see the floor plan with naming opportunities labeled.

Informational Presentation

Informational Presentation
Click on the image to see a slide presentation explaining the project and why it is such a good investment in the future of Franciscan University.