About FUS Intramural Sports

Franciscan University has an extensive intramurals program which extends throughout the entire academic year.  The season begins in the fall with flag football, followed by volleyball at the close of the semester.  In the spring semester there is basketball, followed by ultimate frisbee.  

 Intramurals continues Franciscan University's mission of serving the body, mind, and spirit, chiefly by serving the body.  However, intramurals also fosters the building of faith, as teams strive together to pursue a common goal.  Teams often begin each game with prayer, and, after the close of the game, both teams huddle together to pray, leaving their struggles on the field behind.


Click here to download the Intramural Assumption of Liability Form. Note that ALL students must complete and return a new form each academic year in order to be able to particpate.


We offer the following intramural sports programs:


Flag Football





Ultimate Frisbee

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