March 16, 2013

Injuries Too Much to Overcome in Loss for Baron LAX

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio - A slew of injuries took its toll on Baron lacrosse, as the team lost to La Roche College 26-6 with a depleted roster. Franciscan entered the game without starting goalkeeper Evan Malchano and starting defenseman John Anderson, while losing leading scorer Sean Wayne in the second half.

"We had a rash of injuries and a number of guys missing," Head Coach Pete Rosaschi said. "We only had 14 guys eligible to play in the second half."

Despite a 21-3 first half, the loss of Wayne to injury, and having to move the team's top feeder, Ryan Zbikowski, to the long pole defensive middie position due to other injuries, the Baron's bounced back, only losing to the Redhawks 5-3 in the second half. Rosaschi said a goalie change and a more composed style of play helped FUS recover.

"They kept coming at us in second half but I think we just settled down and played a calmer game," Rosachi said. "It was a tremendous second half and that just talks about the resilience of our team. They just never quite. They never, never give up."

While the injuries made it tough for the Barons in the shorter term, Rosaschi said it may have helped his team in the long term by forcing his offense to move the ball without Wayne and his defense to communication without Malchano.

"I think guys really learned to move the ball, and we did move the ball pretty nicely in the second half," Rosaschi said about his offense. "It gave some guys a chance to step-up and get involved."

One of those players to step up was attackman Patrick McNamara who finished the game with three of the team's six goals. Rosaschi also said that defensive middie Matt Wilson played a particularly strong game.

"It won't show up on the stat sheet, but he's picking up his hustle and his tempo of play," Rosaschi said. "In lacrosse you play and play and play and all the sudden you see it; you see and dramatic difference on the field. He just increased to another plateau."

Wilson was just one of many players Rosaschi said learned a lot from this particular game, and while the score wasn't what Rosaschi hoped it would be, he said he was pleased with the progress they made.

"Literally we're teaching the game on the field as we're playing it," Rosaschi said. "Its a heck of a lot of fun to be around these guys, because they don't quit."

Following the game, the Barons will get a much needed break with a whole week to get healthy before they play their next game. Franciscan will hope to have a full roster when they take on Medaille College at home on March 23 at 3 pm.

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