Freshman Keeper Shines in Baron Lacrosse Loss

Freshman Keeper Shines in Baron Lacrosse Loss

LATROBE, Pa. - The Franciscan University men's lacrosse team lost a tough game, 14-2, against St. Vincent's College. Despite a great showing from freshman goalie Jonah Soucy and strong defensive support, the Barons offense was unable to make up the difference.

The first quarter started with both the Barons and St. Vincent fighting to gain control of the ball. Seven minutes into the first half the Bearcats scored their first goal but Franciscan followed up shortly by forcing a turnover and running an effective scoring play out of a timeout.

While FUS equalized the game at 1-1 they wouldn't score again until the third quarter and their admirably hard-working defense couldn't hold the Bearcat attack. At halftime the score stood 7-1 in favor of St. Vincent.

"It wasn't a bad defensive game, but we had nothing on offense," Head Coach Pete Rosaschi said. "I thought they played together as a unit and we didn't give many open looks. St. Vincent had some great shot opportunities and we had too many turnovers"

While the Barons could not execute on offense, defensively they fought to give their offense as many opportunities as they could. Freshman Jonah Soucy was especially strong between the pipes saving 14 out of 28 shots on frame and had a game average around 50 percent.

"Jonah had a really great game," Rosaschi said. "His save percentage really tells you something because they had some quality looks."

Even with strong defensive support the Baron's offense continued to give up turnovers in the second half which resulted in 24 Bearcat shots to Franciscan's 11. The game ended 14-2 in favor of St. Vincent.

Freshman midfielder Paul Modzelewski had the Barons first goal of the day and assisted sophomore attack/midfielder William Erksine who had the Barons second goal.

"We have to be patient with our clears and our offense," Rosaschi said looking ahead at Saturday's game. "Defensively we need to come together as a unit. Today we're giving them too many opportunities and we need to cut down on that."

The Barons next road game is against Wilmington College of Ohio this Saturday March 22, at 1 p.m.