Lady Baron Tennis Gets 8-1 Win While Resting Players

Lady Baron Tennis Gets 8-1 Win While Resting Players

BETHANY, W Va. – For the second time this season, the Lady Barons played Bethany College and for the second time, they beat the Bison 8-1. While the score was the same, this late season match looked different than the first time these two teams met.

With the AMCC conference semifinals quickly approaching, and a first round bye already clinched, Head Coach Jenna Lynch took the opportunity of non-conference play to play around with the team's line-up in both doubles and singles play.

"The line-up was so crazy because we had some girls that really needed to rest. We've had so much crammed in such a short season," Lynch said. "We also altered the line-up to give other girls the chance to play singles before the end of the season."

The line-up for singles was entirely different. Some girls moved up and some who typically don't play singles at all were given the opportunity for match time. Despite the change, the Lady Barons all adjusted and played well in their unfamiliar singles spot.

Freshman Ashley Veazey, who normally plays at no. 2, was moved up to the no. 1 singles spot for today's match. Veazey lost her match 6-1, 6-0, but displayed true integrity, senior Team Captain Lucia Neugebauer said.

"Ashley hit the net on a ball the other girl hadn't noticed and she told her right away," Neugebauer said. "I was really proud of her for just being honest and calling things that she really could have gotten away with."

Neugebauer, the team's lone senior, was one of the players to get rest during singles play along with normal no. 1 singles player Caeles Crunkleton-Wilson. Despite their absence, all of the FUS players besides Veazey were able to win their matches and give the team its tenth win of season.

The Lady Barons will play their last match of the fall 2013 season against Division II West Liberty University on October 11, at 4 pm. The Lady Barons expect West Liberty to be a difficult opponent, but hope to use the road match as good competitive experience to help prepare them for the upcoming AMCC semifinals.

"We know that we're playing a tough team, but we're excited to play them and see what we can do," Neugebauer said. "It will be good practice for next week and be some good competition."